Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Hotfix Today Balances Modes & Weapons, Adds Epic Gun Game

January 13, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Just two days after delivering a full game update, Infinity Ward released a new hotfix today for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that adjusts game modes, balances weapons, and fixes issues.

Here’s what changed with today’s hotfix:


  • Slight increase in Black Hole radius
  • Added the map Grounded back into rotation
  • Players who deploy a Black Hole will receive assists if an enemy is killed while being pulled in
  • Players receive assists if the enemy the Seeker Grenade is tracking is killed
  • Increases to Micro Turret health, ammunition, and fire rate
  • Infected: If a player waits to spawn in to avoid being the first Infected, they’ll be forced to Infected
  • Infected: Fixed an issue where the first Infected wasn’t getting the proper score or XP for the first kill
  • Infected: Kills/Deaths are no longer stored after a match so KD is not affected
  • Infected: Boost jump recharge is now slower
  • Gun Game: Increased the throw distance for the Bio Spike
  • Gun Game: Kills/Deaths are no longer stored after a match so KD is not affected
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t capture the next Hardpoint if they are in a Scorestreak
  • Fixed an issue where the Hardpoint was being contested but the icon was in a red capture state
  • Howitzer headshots were not counting towards camo unlocks. This has been fixed
  • Fix for available Payloads such as Reactive Armor requiring another score update after round switch to re-earn
  • Killcams now show Traits, Tacticals, and Lethals
  • Reduced recoil of the R3K when zoomed in using the VMC
  • Slight increase to Quick Draw speed with snipers
  • OSA Launcher: Updated inner and outer damage, and damage radius to reduce lethality in Tactical TDM
  • Howitzer: slight adjustment to increase lethal radius and overall radius. Increase projectile speed and reduced projectile up velocity to help with targeting
  • Fix for the Hit ad Run Gun Perk on the Epic Kendall-44 showing as an attachment in the weapon name
  • SMGs: Increased hip aim assist range to 800 inches. Increased ADS aim assist range to 1400 inches
  • FHR 40 and RPR Evo: Increased ADS aim assist range to 1200 inches
  • MacTav-45: Increased ADS aim assist range to 1500 inches
  • Shotguns: Increased hip and ADS aim assist ranges to 600 inches matching the max damage range
  • Fix for an exploit where using the Killstreak map could be used every round as a free UAV
  • Fix for the “A” bombsite on Retaliation that would cause a player to unintentionally move when next to the bombsite
  • Fix for the “Out of Bounds” that would trigger when near the theater and bowling alley on Throwback
  • Updated the start spawn for Precinct Hardpoint and Uplink
  • 15 spots on Rooftop near Drop Pods and Construction have been fixed in Precinct
  • Scorch “B” bombsite moved to the back of the drill (from attacker side)


  • Fix for an error when attempting to change team colors, name, and icon
  • Removed Payload delay at the start of a round
  • Active Camo duration has been reduced from 10s to 5s
  • Reactive Armor duration has been reduced from 9s to 6s
  • Bull Charge duration has been reduced from 6.5s to 5s
  • Reactive Armor value slightly lowered
  • Rewind: Only Rewinds a portion of the player’s health. Still rewinds full ammo
  • Overdrive: No longer restores player health on activation
  • Holding the Uplink drone or planting/defusing in CWL rulesets no longer drain your Payload faster as the base duration times have been adjusted
  • Removed Killstreak spawn protection

Additionally, the hotfix added Epic Gun Game, which Charlie Intel says is a revision of Gun Game with Epic variants of weapons. It will be available until Friday, January 20 at 10am PT/1pm ET on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will get Epic Gun Game in the future.

If you’re planning on playing Multiplayer this weekend, Infinity Ward has activated Double XP on all platforms until Monday, January 16 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Addressing concerns over the recent Quartermaster update, which added a ton of new content and potentially lowered content chances in supply drops, Infinity Ward said:

Since the latest update…

  1. Players have the same chance to get a weapon out of a supply drop as they did before.
  2. Players have the same chance of getting a rare, legendary, or epic out of a supply drop as they did before.
  3. The player’s chance of getting a specific weapon from a supply drop was not demonstratively affected addition of MkII weapons.
  4. The addition of all this new content means fewer duplicates from supply drops. We understand that some players are concerned about how this affects their ability to earn salvage. Rest assured, we have plans, and are working on additional plans, to introduce new ways to earn salvage in the future.

Infinity Ward also revealed that the January 31 patch for Infinite Warfare will update the camo quality. It will likely include support for the Sabotage expansion pack as well.

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