ATV Renegades Listed for March Release on PS4

January 16, 2017Written by Michael Briers


Nighthawk Interactive’s quad bike racer ATV Renegades will make a beeline for PS4 on March 14, if a GameStop listing is to be believed.

First spotted by TeamVVV, the retailer has slated Renegades for release across both PS4 and Xbox One in mid-March, when players will have the opportunity to speed around 24 off-road courses. USA, Thailand, England, Russia, Canada, and Mexico are just some of the countries to feature, while GameStop’s product description confirms that ATV Renegades will come packing split-screen support for two players. Now you just need a buddy to enjoy the “tricked-out nitro-charged, arcade racing” with.

Here’s a rundown of those features:

  • Tricked-Out Nitro-Charged, Arcade Racing
  • 24 Unique Off-Road Courses
  • Compete in Single Player and Multiplayer Split-screen events: Multiplayer allows two players to complete head-to-head on any unlocked event via split-screen on a single game console.
  • World Tour features 6 tours to compete in, each consisting of four separate events.
  • Quick Race allows the player to race against CPU players at any unlocked event to practice or just for quick fun.
  • Freestyle allows the player to complete in Freestyle (trick focused) events on any unlocked track.
  • Time Trial allows the player to race at any unlocked event and set the best lap/race times.

What do our readers make of ATV Renegades?

[Source: GameStop via TeamVVV]