Destiny’s Crimson Days Event Isn’t Returning in 2017, Bungie Has “Other Plans”

January 20, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

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Focusing on what’s next for Destiny in their latest weekly update, Bungie revealed that the Crimson Days Valentine’s event won’t be returning this year. Instead, they have “other plans” and are “dedicating our efforts to delivering different things for you to play.”

Bungie also said the Live Team is currently working on the next Destiny content patch, and they’ll give out details in a livestream closer to springtime:

Last week at Bungie, we teased that you haven’t heard the last from the Live Team. Their next content update is taking shape. We’re super excited to tell you about it – but not so excited that we’ll jump the gun. There will come a time when we’ll take a seat on our streaming set to talk about how we’ll spend the springtime together. That moment will come closer to the thaw.

It’s rarely our policy to issue guarantees about things that are not yet certified for download. Given the work that is being done behind the scenes, however, we feel like we can start to call the shot.

Undated at the moment, the next update for Destiny will include some design work to refine weapon balance. After saying they’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes player-to-player combat refinement, Bungie added, “Our current goal is to deliver a patch that will change up the meta before you have a renewed call to arms. That’s a forecast more than a promise, but that’s how things go when you’re working in a world built from ones and zeroes. Testing and investigation are ongoing, which means that we’re closing in on a fresh solution.”

At the end of the weekly update, Bungie teased, “We have some action to enjoy now. We have some evolutions to look forward to soon. We’ll be sure to sound off when those points we plotted on the horizon get closer.”

[Source: Bungie]