Dishonored 2 Update Today Brings Bug Fixes, New Features

January 23, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Rolling out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Dishonored 2 Free Update 2 includes Mission Select, Custom Difficulty Settings, and lots of bug fixes.

With Mission Select, you’ll be able to replay any mission unlocked after installing the update, retaining the status of your playthrough at the start of that mission. As for the new Custom Difficulty settings, there’s more than 20 different sliders, letting you tweak things like the effectiveness of Sleep Darts or how many active enemies may attack you at once. Additionally, you can select Iron Mode when starting a new game, which removes manual saves or loads.

Here’s the highlights of the patch notes for today’s Dishonored 2 update:


  • Added new mode – Custom Difficulties
  • Added Mission restart/Mission Select – Mission restart available from pause menu and result screen

Bug Fixes

PS4 Only

  • Fixed a graphical distortion on top / bottom of screen when forced from past to present at front door
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to start a New Game Plus off of a corrupt epilogue save twice would start a regular new game and delete the corrupt save without confirmation.
  • Fixed a bug where a save data could become corrupted while regularly reloading auto-saves and deleted without notifying the user
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the Power Wheel button during active gameplay on a PS Vita caused an indefinite non-interactive screen


  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed various save issues
  • Fixed various localization issues
  • Fixed various rendering issues
  • Fixed various audio issues
  • Fixed various collision issues
  • Fixed various UI issues and added new UI for Game Update 2
  • Fixed a bug where the player will instantly die if he possess a Gravehound
  • Fixed a bug where a “8” could appear on the screen
  • Fixed the LOD of the watchtower
  • Fixed a bug where walking down stairs while a wolfhound runs up would cause the hound to bounce backwards
  • Fixed a bug where pickpocketing Jindosh’s pistol may cause him to throw nothing during combat
  • Fixed an audio issue while loading save games
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs can suddenly be seen standing during the recover from ragdoll animation
  • Fixed a bug where Far Reach pulling a guard that is mantling will have no effect on the guard
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs can be involuntarily dropped from a choke, causing their AI to break
  • Fixed a bug where making a quick save behind a NPC while using controller configuration C would cause the player to choke the NPC instead of creating a save

There’s a bunch of other bug fixes included with the update, which you can see in detail by following the link below.

Discussing Iron Mode, Lead Designer Dinga Bakaba said, “You will have to live with the consequences of your actions, or die permanently because of them.”

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