You Really Need to Watch This Life of Black Tiger Trailer, But Not in the Way You Might Think

January 25, 2017Written by Alex Co

While we here at PlayStation LifeStyle adamantly refrain from judging a game before we play it thoroughly, there are a few rare occurrences that you just know that a game is terrible even without spending a second testing it out.

Possibly one of the games included in this pile is Life of Black Tiger; a “game” developed by 1Games that’s supposed to be an action game of sorts, that looks really, really bad. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above by Digital Foundry and judge for yourself. The graphics really look terrible, which is a given since it’s a port from a mobile game. What’s baffling here isn’t really the game’s quality since there’s a lot of bad games available on every platform, but how Sony allowed this to seep through the cracks. Who saw this and thought, “gee, yeah, let’s approve this to be released on PSN! This will make someone’s day!”

Fortunately for 1Games, there are no critic reviews for the game on Metacritic, and for some inane reason, it even has a good score of 7.9 user score! I mean, seriously, people?!

If you want to torture someone with games or just want to experience the train wreck for yourself, Life of Black Tiger is available on PSN right now for “just” $9.99!

Game Overview

The story of the game is about a black tiger, born as a variant and abandoned by his parents and brothers, fights against human and shows his love to his family. You can have a vivid and realistic experience through set in jungle, field, and forest surroundings in game. Acting as a cruel hunter in the vast plains and fields, players are thrown into a fight against human beings and other beast of prey.

Gameplay Details

  1. Life Story Mode : Dramatic and interesting story missions of more than 40
  2. Open Mission Mode : You can try challenge the completed misssion in Story Mode
  3. Multi Participate in PvP Mode : You can hunt and battle with world wide friends in real time 

If you’re going to give this a go, and I really hope not, tell us how terrible it is in the comments. Could this be the worst game available on PS4? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.