FIFA 17 Update 1.06, Madden NFL 17 Update 1.09 Now Out

January 26, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


EA Sports released new updates for both FIFA 17 and Madden NFL 17 today to help fix some issues, as well as to add some things to Madden Ultimate Team.

First up, FIFA 17 update 1.06 (aka Title Update 5) is 430MB on PlayStation 4 and 769MB on Xbox One. Here’s what it changed:

Addressed the Following

  • Addressed an instance where a substitute would result in a disconnect
  • General stability fixes in FIFA Ultimate Team and other online game modes

As for Madden NFL 17 update 1.09 (aka Title Update 9), it includes the following additions and fixes, according to EA:

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Added a new tile to MUT Seasons that displays your Season progress including past opponents and scores.
  • Added Playoff presentation and night games to MUT Seasons.
  • Added visual feedback whenever certain chemistry abilities are used in MUT.
  • Addressed a bug that would not show you the low contract flow when exiting a MUT Seasons game.


  • Fixed an exploit that would let users block field goals at a high rate.
  • Added user presentation banners that display whenever a successful skill move is performed.

Madden Creative Director Rex Dickson says a big gameplay update is coming in February for Madden NFL 17 to fix issues like offside penalties.

In the United States last yearMadden NFL 17 was the 5th best-selling game. FIFA 17 was 9th.

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