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Former GTA Dev Leslie Benzies Announces New Game, Coming to Consoles and PC

January 26, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

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Just a few days ago, we reported that former Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies has incorporated five new companies. We’ve now received a press release announcing “Everywhere,” the working title of a “next-generation” experience that he’s building using Amazon’s AAA Lumberyard engine.

Not much has been revealed about the project yet but here’s what Benzies has to say about it:

I am proud to have been part of past advancements in gaming but I am even more excited about what we have in store for the future. The working title of this new game is “EVERYWHERE” and the vision is long term, with the capacity to develop and grow forever. Our goal is to create a platform where players can be entertained, and also entertain others while blurring the lines between reality, and a simulated world.

Amazon’s technologies and cloud services provide us the power and flexibility to create a new type of game that was never before possible for today’s massive gaming communities. Additionally, Lumberyard’s client and cloud features free us up to focus on the innovative, creative elements of our game.

While the press release did not reveal platforms or even the name of the new studio, Benzies told GamesBeat in an interview that Everywhere “will run on consoles and PC and you’ll be able to engage with the game through other means, too.”

Joining Benzies on the project are other former Rockstar employees – Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith – who have worked on titles such as LA Noire, GTA and Red Dead Redemption.