Project CARS 2 Will Let You Rate Online Drivers

January 26, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Project CARS 2 Online Will Let You Rate Drivers

New details have surfaced about how Project CARS 2 will deal with online drivers that don’t like to play properly. According to Slightly Mad Studios’ CEO Ian Bell, players will be able to rate their fellow drivers, and then select which type of people they want to race with. This information was posted on the game’s official forums after a player complained about the original game’s multiplayer.

“Am I alone in finding too many sessions of MP to be a complete waste of time?” asked newly registered user Golfhacker27. “He then went on to describe how he spent 20 minutes qualifying for a race online, and then upon the race starting he got immediately wrecked by a player who “didn’t even try to brake for the bend and wiped out several drivers.” This caused him to rejoin the track at the rear of the field, and said that an hour of his life was “wasted on a couple of garbage sessions.” This caused Ian Bell to respond.

“We’re building a very comprehensive ratings based system into [Project CARS 2],” wrote Bell. “You can choose the ‘quality’ of the people you prefer to race with/against. We have much more coming in this vein but I don’t want to steal the thunder from the upcoming announcements.”

It’s definitely a good sign that the team at Slighly Mad Studios are listening to their fans, and are fixing flaws of  the original game. Project CARS 2 is set to release this fall. Bell has previously said that the game will most likely ship around September, but that “nothing is set in stone yet.”

(Source: Project CARS Forum via Team VVV)