Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop Update Out Next Week on PS4

January 27, 2017Written by Tyler Treese


Dodge Roll Games’ critically acclaimed twin-stick shooter Enter the Gungeon is getting a massive free patch. Called the Supply Drop Update, it adds over 200 new rooms for players to explore. It also adds in a bit of, well, everything as it includes additional weapons, enemies, bosses and companions. To celebrate the update, Gungeon is currently 50% off on the PlayStation Store.

Here’s what you can expect from the game courtesy of Dodge Roll Games’ press release:

The Enter the Gungeon’s Supply Drop Update adds nearly 200 new rooms to the Gungeon that include new weapons, enemies, companions, bosses, and shrines for even the most seasoned Gungeoneer. Players will come across new guns like the Bullet Gun, a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns and those guns shoot bullets, and new companions like Ser Junkan who gains strength and power as you carry more and more literal junk with you through the Gungeon. Elite gunslingers will also be able to tackle unique pasts for both Robot and Bullet and an all-new boss – the Mine Flayer. 

Enter the Gungeon released in April of 2016, and PlayStation LifeStyle’s Michael Briers praised it in our review:

In the end, it may prove to be an overly familiar romp, sharing many similarities with The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne in both style and gameplay. Plus, though they may be intentionally stylized after archetypes, there’s not much variation between the core quartet, and technical hiccups and jittering load screens can threaten to hamper the experience at times, purely for the fact that they prolong the wait between one intense firefight and the next.

Nevertheless, this is title crafted with care and a gaming heritage that ought to tickle any player — the Ammoconda, for instance, shoots out bullets in the vein of Snake. Toss in co-op gameplay, excellent writing and a genuinely entertaining sense of humor that is often self-referential and never trite and you’re left facing a competent shmup that is familiar, yes, but damn entertaining.

Be on the lookout for Enter the Gungeon‘s Supply Drop update next week, and for a “full-blown expansion” coming in “late 2017 or early 2018.”

(Source: Dodge Roll Games)