Respawn “Very Happy” With Titanfall 2’s Performance, Next Classic Map Revealed

January 27, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


In their latest blog post, developer Respawn revealed that they’re “very happy” with how Titanfall 2 has been performing so far.

Sharing some stats, Respawn said Titanfall 2 has been included in over 130 Game of the Year/Best of 2016 lists, Attrition is the most popular game mode (followed by Bounty Hunt and Amped Hardpoint), and the number of Daily Active Users since launch is rising. “Thanks to positive word of mouth and a steady influx of new players every month we’re seeing positive growth that we will continue to cultivate with new updates and content,” they added.

EA hasn’t announced sales figures for Titanfall 2 yet, but analyst firm Morgan Stanley says they’re at four million, which is around six million less than EA’s 10 million fiscal year goal.


Next up for Titanfall 2, Respawn will release the Live Fire content update in February, adding a new mode, new maps, and more. Then, in March, they’ll add a new Titanfall classic map, Colony. March should also bring new Prime Titans and cosmetics, bug fixes, balance tweaks, new features, a new weapon, and a new Pilot execution.

Here’s what to expect from the upcoming Live Fire mode:

Live Fire is a fast-paced round-based 6v6 pilot only elimination mode. Each round gives players only 60 seconds to eliminate the enemy team or take control of the neutral flag. The team that holds the neutral flag when the timer runs out wins the round regardless of how many players they’ve lost. Knowing how and when to pick up the flag is a core aspect of the mode’s meta.

After March, you can expect “more free content” that the team is currently building and testing.

[Source: Titanfall]