Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment Making Its Way to PC, PS4 and Xbox One “Soon”

January 30, 2017Written by Alex Co


DICE has announced that the Community Test Environment (CTE) where players can test out new features, balance tweaks, etc., will make its way to Battlefield 1.

This announcement was made on the official Battlefield website where it also mentioned that DICE is working to have the Battlefield 1 CTE available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “as soon as we can.” It will, however, a Battlefield 1 Premium membership, though.

What is the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment?

The CTE is a Battlefield 1 environment where involved players can help us test new features, improved/changed content, and experiments that aren’t yet (and may never be) ready for public release.

What is the purpose of the CTE?

The CTE lets us share our development process with our players, get your valuable feedback earlier, and keep improving the Battlefield 1 experience. The earlier we can get player feedback and full 64 player servers testing our latest features – the better off we’re going to be.

What Battlefield 1 content will be in the CTE?

Initially, the CTE will be used for testing and ensuring stability of the next Battlefield 1 update. More Battlefield 1 content will be added to the CTE later.

Where and when can I sign up for the CTE?

Initially, we will be handing out codes to select members in the community and give Battlefield veterans access. These codes will be redeemable through Origin and will give players CTE access on PC. Public registration for the CTE is available in the Battlefield Companion app*.

More details on the CTE and the registration process can be found on

The Battlefield Companion (iOS)

The Battlefield Companion (Android)

The Battlefield Companion (Windows 10 Mobile)

Who can access the CTE?

Initially only PC players will be able to sign up for the CTE. Our goal is to let PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One players get access too as soon as we can. Furthermore, a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for the platform you want CTE access for is required.

Registering for the Battlefield 1 CTE program doesn’t guarantee you’ll be part of the pool, so bear that in mind as well before you nab Battlefield 1 Premium for it.

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