Rainbow Six Siege Operator Mira Revealed

February 1, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

The latest Operator has been revealed for the ever growing Rainbow Six Siege. The character is Elena María Álvarez, who goes by Mira. Check out the brief teaser above to see the Spanish police member in action. According to the game’s website, she joins Team Rainbow to help protect vacationing civilians on the Coastline map, and works as a member of the Spanish Grupo Especial de Operaciones (G.E.O.). More is expected to be revealed on February 3, as the developers will reveal the roadmap for the game’s second year of content.

The game’s scriptwriter Farah Brixi said that the G.E.O. member was a perfect fit due to her experience at preventing terrorist plots. “They are also expert at providing protection for diplomatic personnel,” revealed Brixi on the Rainbow Six Siege website. “Álvarez has ample experience in physical defense as well as residential security for high profile ministers, visiting heads of state, and heads of government.”

It seems that Ubisoft is also adding more personality to the game for the game’s second year, and that can be seen with how Operators interact with each other during the game. “Álvarez also offered a great opportunity to portray the growing interaction between different Operators,” said Brixi. “There are particular tension between her and some Rainbow Six Operators. One of them is Eliza Cohen, who she met during Operation Blue Orion, which did not yield the anticipated results. Cohen and Álvarez have been brutal rivals on record ever since.”

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(Source: Rainbow Six Twitter)