Nioh Can Run at 60fps on Both PS4 and PS4 Pro

February 2, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Nioh PS4 Pro

Digital Foundry did their signature technical analysis on the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh, and found that the game can run at 60fps on both PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro as advertised. This is only if played in the game’s action mode, however, as there are three different game modes that the third-person action game can be played in. The other modes prioritize visuals with the movie mode running at a locked 30fps and variable movie being an unlocked frame-rate.

The frame-rate isn’t really what is interesting about Nioh’s performance, as it’s the resolution that jumps all around the place. When action mode is played on a PS4 Pro the resolution can range from a full1080p resolution down to 1280×720. Meanwhile, the movie mode goes from 2160p down to 1440p, and variable movie mode goes to 2304×1296. That means the visual quality will drastically alter depending on which mode is being played. On the standard PlayStation 4, Nioh doesn’t fare as well as the Pro counterpart. Action mode typically runs at a 720p resolution, but will sometimes jump up to 1600×900 in certain areas. Meanwhile, the movie mode pretty much locks in the game at 1080p.

Ultimately, Digital Foundry found the game best experienced in action mode on a PS4 Pro, but noted that the standard PlayStation 4 version played well. “[PlayStation 4 owners will] see a level of performance very close to that of the PS4 Pro,” wrote John Linneman. It’s great to see a game giving players so many options on how to run it, and that it is able to run well on both systems (even if the resolution issues is pretty disappointing to see on PS4 Pro).

Check out Digital Foundry’s full analysis video below:

(Source: Digital Foundry)