Titanfall 2 Live Fire Mode Showcased in New Trailer

February 2, 2017Written by Alex Co

We’ve already reported on Titanfall 2’s upcoming “Live Fire” game mode as part of its free content update for this month,; now Respawn has fired off our first gameplay look at the new mode.

What’s Live Fire and why should you care? If you’re one of the Titanfall 2 players who prefer Pilots-only in multiplayer, then this might be the thing for you.

Introducing Live Fire: a lightning fast 6v6 Pilot only mode that brings competitive, close quarter combat to the forefront. Featuring two brand new maps designed specifically for Live Fire: Stacks and Meadow. These two free maps are tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode.

In other Titanfall 2 news, EA has confirmed that Titanfall 2 has missed the publisher’s sales expectations during its quarterly earnings call. However, Respawn states that it’s “very happy” with the game’s performance, which could mean the title has been profitable, though not as much as the publisher would have liked.

Are you looking forward to Live Fire or would you prefer to play game modes that allow Titan combat?