Sony Offers Tips to “Defy Death” in Nioh, Releases DLC for Those Who Cleared Alpha/Last Chance Trial

February 7, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

With Nioh hitting store shelves, the kind folks over at Sony have offered 25 tips to “defy death” in Team Ninja’s punishing title. They range from combat to just useful, general tips that’ll help to get you started.

Before we get to those, make sure to pick up the Mark of the Conqueror add-on that Sony has released specifically for those who cleared the game’s Alpha test or the Last Chance Trial. You can head over here (or the respective store in your region) to grab the content.

The combat tips are as follows:

  • Embrace death. You will die. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. If you find yourself hitting a wall, try exploring a different area. Eventually you should be able to level up, grow stronger, and push onward.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Engaging multiple enemies is possible, but risky. But if you find yourself dying in the same area to multiple opponents, try luring them apart one at a time with rocks or arrows.
  • Stealth can pay off. You’ll encounter many enemies on patrol routes in Nioh. With caution and a little planning, you may be able to avoid unnecessary fighting.
  • Master stance switching. All weapons have three stances: high, medium, and low. Certain stances can be more valuable at different points in battle. For example, try using a powerful high stance attack to land an opening blow, then switching to faster mid- or low-stance attacks to keep your enemy off-balance.
  • Alter your fighting stance to suit the encounter. Wind-up times take longer and strike harder in a high stance. If you find yourself battling a quick enemy, a low or mid stance will make these encounters more favorable.
  • Experiment with different weapons. Once you find a weapon you like, it’s logical to invest in it. But don’t neglect the vast arsenal at your disposal, especially in your quick-swap slot. Different weapons are better suited to different situations, depending on the enemy and environment.
  • The katana is a good beginner’s choice. Team Ninja recommends starting with the katana, which offers a good balance between offense and defense. To unlock the katana’s true potential, practice smoothly changing stances while attacking.
  • Don’t forget to lock on. In battle, it’s usually smart to lock onto your target using R3. This has the added benefit of revealing your enemy’s health and Ki gauge, useful information that can affect your strategy.
  • Learn to evade. Tap the X button to evade enemy attacks. This is particularly important if you see a powerful wind-up attack coming; even if you block it, your Ki gauge will be devastated.
  • Explore the Guardian Spirits. Guardian Spirits are familiars that can unlock new benefits or assist your battles in different ways. They also enable a Living Weapon, a powerful attack that you can enable by pressing Triangle and Circle when the meter in the upper-left hand corner flashes.
  • Block attacks! Blocking can be vital to your survival — hold L1 to defend against incoming attacks. But be warned: you’ll regenerate Ki more slowly while defending, and each blocked attack will reduce your Ki.
  • Be fluid with your movement. Dodging in aggressively and striking, then dodging away is an excellent technique. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to take your time in larger encounters.
  • Master the Ki Pulse. Ki is a resource that fuels your attacks, dodges, and evasive maneuvers, but it’s also the secret to the essential Ki Pulse technique, vital for fighting Yokai. There are two main cues to help you find your Ki Pulse timing: your Ki bar, and the blue orbs that surround William. Look for the depleted section of the Ki Bar to fill with blue, then tap R1 to trigger the Ki Pulse. Or, look for the blue Ki around you to reach its maximum point. Play around with your combos to find the timing that works best for you — you’ll thank us later.
  • How to fight Yokai. Yokai, Nioh’s dangerous demonic foes, emit an aura called “Yokai Realm” that slows down your Ki regeneration and makes you more vulnerable to incoming attacks. Activate a Ki Pulse while inside the aura to purify yourself, then send your foe hurling back to the underworld.
  • Grappling is good. When your enemy’s Ki is depleted, your targeting reticle will turn red. Press Triangle to initiate a powerful grapple that inflicts significant damage.
  • In long-range combat, aim for the head. If you haven’t alerted a distant group of enemies, take your time and get that crucial opening headshot using your projectile weapon. If the blow knocks off the helmet of an enemy, try to re-acquire the shot and fire again for massive damage.

If you need general tips, head over to the source link below.

[Source: PlayStation]