RiftStar Raiders Announced for PS4

February 9, 2017Written by Martin Patiño

RiftStar Raiders, a new top-down space shoot ‘em up, has been announced for the PlayStation 4 as well as other platforms.

The game, developed by European developer Climax Studios, lets up to four players play together and shoot and craft their way through nine unique missions. The games features several factions of enemies from space pirates and gangs to an AI hive mind called the WarSwarm.

Players can pick up loot and perks from defeated enemies which they can then use to upgrade their ship with better weapons, systems, shields, and engines. There is a wide variety of possible loadout combinations which can fit any playstyle.

Loot in the game is first-come-first-served so while players will be working together to get through the game’s missions, they’ll have to compete against each other when it comes to grabbing loot and perks for ship upgrades.

RiftStar Raiders is set to come out for the PS4 and other platforms sometime in 2017.