ARK: Survival Evolved Update 1.09 Today on PS4 Includes Crash Fixes

February 10, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Update: Jat says, “Mr @wietco found+fixed issue w/ Player Dedi Loads. We’re resubmitting to Sony ASAP for a rapid update!”

Original Story: Community Manager Jen revealed on Twitter that ARK: Survival Evolved update 1.09 today on PlayStation 4 includes “some crash fixes and memory improvements.” If you’re experiencing issues with dedicated servers crashing on load after installing the update, developer Abstraction Games is currently investigating the issue.

Asked if today’s update included improved draw distances, Jen said, “No changes are being made to draw distance for console.” When the same user brought up the fact that their base sometimes draws in around them, Jen replied, “It draws in slow to prevent the console from crashing.”

1.09 isn’t the big update bringing the console versions in-line with PC version 254. That’s still scheduled to release on February 14.

“TEK Tier will be coming to both console platforms later this month, it’s currently being setup + internally QA’d,” Associate Producer Jat wrote on Twitter. “Later as in the 14th and not today.”

ARK: Survival Evolved was the best-selling PlayStation 4 game through the PlayStation Store in both December and January. It’s expected to be content complete this spring.

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