Battlefield 1 Winter Update Will Be “Strong,” DICE “Committed” to HDR Support for Consoles

February 12, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

Battlefield 1 555x328

The official Battlefield 1 Twitter account posted the following teaser over the weekend, implying that the game is set to receive its Winter update real soon. Neither patch notes nor further details are available yet but answering fans, DICE promised that it’ll be a “strong” update. If this past Fall’s patch is any indication, expect a hefty changelog.

Elsewhere on Twitter, DICE responded to fans who asked about HDR support, stating that “EA and DICE are committed to supporting HDR on PS4 Pro/Xbox One. We will share details once we have them available.”

Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass expansion releases this March, and comes with four new maps, the French army, Frontlines game mode, Trench Raider Elite Class, new vehicles, and more. For details, click here.

We’ll share the Winter patch notes with our readers as soon as we have them.