Nioh Update 1.03 Fixes Sub-Mission Issues, Increases Rewards for the Random Encounter

February 15, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Reportedly just a 32MB download, Nioh update 1.03 went live yesterday on PlayStation 4, and it fixed some sub-mission issues while also increasing rewards for the random encounter.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for 1.03:

Balance Changes

  • Increased rewards for the random encounter
  • Added forging item for trade at hidden tea house
  • Adjusted Amrita regeneration from extraction talisman while using living weapon
  • Adjusted paralysis effect of medusa power

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented completing the following sub-missions: The Magatama of Fire, A Fiercer Flame
  • Fixed a bug which caused emotion tutorial window to remain throughout the Daizaifu main mission
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unlocking the title “Saika Magoichi crusher”

Nioh update 1.02 was released last week and it appears to have been a 400MB download.

If you bought the Nioh Deluxe Edition, an issue where the Season Pass wouldn’t show up properly has been fixed:

This issue has now been resolved and the Season Pass should no longer be purchasable if you have already purchased the Deluxe Edition. Many thanks for your reports and patience.

Please be aware that a Season Pass is usually a service entitlement, meaning it does not physically download to your system. To access the bonus DLC items in-game, when you start the beginning of the actual story (after the tutorial) you need to Pray and then select ‘Boons’.

Nioh’s post-launch DLC includes three story chapters, and each comes with new quests and enemies. We’ll let you know when the first pack has a release date.

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