Now Loading…Will PS4 Pro Boost Mode Convince You to Get One?

February 15, 2017Written by Alex Co

now-loading-PS4 Pro Boost

With Sony confirming that the PS4 Pro is getting a “Boost Mode” with firmware update 4.50, it’s understandable that this might be something that tips over people on the fence whether to get one or upgrade from the original PS4.

In this week’s Now Loading, the PlayStation LifeStyle staff weighs in on whether PS4 Pro will boost (heh) the PS4 Pro’s sales and if people will see it as enough of a reason to upgrade from the original PS4. Just what do we think of the PS4 Pro Boost Mode? Check out our responses below.

Are you considering upgrading to a PS4 Pro just for the Boost Mode? Or do you think it will be enough to sway some people to buy it or upgrade? Same as before, we want to discuss this with you in the comments.

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