Horizon Zero Dawn’s Pre-Load and Unlock Times Confirmed

February 18, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

If you’re buying Horizon Zero Dawn via the PlayStation Store then you might want to note when you can begin pre-loading and when exactly the game unlocks for you.

In the “Countdown to Launch” trailer above, Sony confirms that pre-load starts 48 hours prior to the game’s release in the US on Tuesday, February 28. It will unlock at 9pm PST on February 27, which is 11pm CST and midnight EST (February 28).

As a reminder, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s reviews will officially drop on Monday, February 20. If the wait is killing you, then you can find a number of previews online (our latest one from an event this week here) and if that still isn’t enough, then there are plenty of gameplay videos and trailers that were released in recent weeks, all of which you can find in our previous coverage of the title here.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases in other regions on March 1.

Are you picking up a physical copy or buying online? Let us know.