Next Overwatch Character Teased, She’s Experienced in Robotics and AI

February 21, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

overwatch efi

Blizzard has started teasing the next Overwatch character – a young genius named Efi Oladele with “impressive achievements” in robotics and artificial intelligence. Similar to past reveals, the tease comes in form of a blog post that conducts an interview with the character. Here’s what we know about her:

Already one of the world’s foremost centers of scientific discovery and exploration, Numbani has a brilliant new mind to add to its ranks: Efi Oladele. In the last year, she’s built a resume of impressive achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, but perhaps most remarkably is that she’s done all of this by the age of eleven. Last month, she became the most recent recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant,” in recognition of her many accomplishments. She is undoubtedly someone whose career will be watched with great interest.

You can read the full Q&A at the source link below.

Some believe that she’ll be the next hero to join Overwatch but we can’t confirm this yet. However, Blizzard recently hinted that the next hero won’t be Doomfist.

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