Rhythm RPG The Metronomicon Comes to PS4 This Year

February 21, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

Akupara Games and Puuba have announced that their rhythm RPG, The Metronomicon, will be dancing its way on to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

We’re told that the game, which is already out on PC, will maintain parity across all platforms, with the console versions receiving multiplayer across all game modes, a new playable character, and more unannounced content upon launch.

In a press release, the developer described Metronomicon as follows:

Face off in thumping musical showdowns against fearsome enemies by dancing to the beat, harnessing the powers of tunage to unleash powerful attacks in real time, turn-based-inspired combat. Build a party, equip your gear and level up to unleash your choice of each hero’s special abilities. Each boss defeated unlocks more music, gear and power.


Mysterious dance parties are crashing down around the world of Koras, summoning dangerous party monsters wherever they fall. A group of heroes, trained in the rhythmic combat arts, must bring peace back to their world. Using the Metronomicon, a tome of immense musical power, they embark upon a daring quest spanning rock star-haunted castles, medieval party yachts and other rocking locations.


Beyond the story-driven campaign, The Metronomicon features freeplay, arena challenges, a variety of sidequests, dailies, and multiple difficulty settings to provide players with countless hours of entertainment as they disco their way through the world of Koras, dishing out dubstep beat downs.

We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.