Final Fantasy Series Sets Guinness World Record With 87 Games

February 22, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Final Fantasy Series

The European Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival is currently taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, and representatives from Guinness World Records were there to award the role-playing game series with three new titles. The most prestigious of the three awards would be the “most prolific role-playing game series,” which was given to Square Enix President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda on behalf of the company. The award celebrates the massive mainstream success that the Final Fantasy series has had, and the sheer number of titles theat have been released bearing the name. As of today, there have been 87 Final Fantasy RPG titles released, if you include spin-offs.

The other two world records went to the series’ popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It was recognized with the “longest end credits in an MMO game” and has the “most original pieces of music” in a game. The latter is definitely an impressive feat, as the MMO features 384 different pieces of music that were recorded for the game. The credits one isn’t really an accomplishment, but it does have some interesting reasoning behind it. The reason why A Realm Reborn‘s credits are so long (an hour and 38 minutes to be exact) is due to it listing the players of 2010’s Final Fantasy XIV, which was a critically shunned MMO that eventually was followed up with the excellent one that is currently being supported by the company.

Guinness World Records’ Stephen Daultrey, who serves as the editor of the gamer’s edition of the book, had this to say about the accomplishments. “It is testament to both the size and longevity of the Final Fantasy franchise that it can break Guinness World Records titles that are broad, eclectic, and landmark as these ones.”