Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers Focus on The Combat & Building the World

February 22, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Sony continues to bring out new trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn ahead of next week’s launch, and in the two most recent ones, Guerrilla Games discusses Building the World and The Combat.

“We’ve always attempted to create benchmark visuals for PlayStation,” Managing Director Hermen Hulst says in Building the World. “We wanted to do this, but then with an open world game.” Game Director Mathijs de Jonge later adds, “If you’re just exploring the world and running around, sprinting, going into underground places, there’s never a loading screen. It’s all seamless.”

Mid-way through the video, Art Director James-Bart Van Beek talks about how facial animation in RPGs “isn’t necessarily of the highest quality.” While people traditionally use procedural animation where they “do a lot of mouth flapping” that gets generated by the sounds, Guerrilla decided to “mo-cap almost 15 hours of dialogue that we have in the game and see if we can do it at a higher quality.”

At 0:50 of The Combat video, Guerrilla talks about how Aloy’s arsenal includes different ammo types, including explosives, fire arrows, and stun arrows. To find out which weapon and ammo type is best for each machine, you just need to focus scan an enemy.

On Twitter, de Jonge quoted a tweet from a reviewer that showed it took them 50 hours to unlock the Platinum Trophy.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe for PS4. You can read our review over here.

[Source: Mathijs de Jonge]