Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons Get the Spotlight in Latest Video, Game Has Gone Gold

February 24, 2017Written by Alex Co

While we just got a new Mass Effect Andromeda video yesterday, we have yet another one today and I’m not complaining! For this one, BioWare gives us an overview of the Mass Effect Andromeda weapons players will be able to wield at launch.

First off, all classes can now equip any kind of gun type, so that alone is a major step up compared to past Mass Effect titles. In Andromeda, there are four kinds of guns: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. As for melee weapons, we see in the video that there’s three kinds: a sword  (Asari sword), a Krogan hammer and what looks like an omni blade that seems to be similar to the one Commander Shepard used in the trilogy.

Weapons aren’t the only things that can decimate enemies, of course. There are different kind of abilities available to cater to every play style.

Finally, the video gives us a quick look at Andromeda’s mobility system that’s a big departure from the old games in the franchise. This time, players will be able to hover, dash to the side and evade.

Additionally, the official BioWare Twitter account has tweeted that Mass Effect Andromeda has gone gold! Yep, this means that it’s now off to production! So no delays from here on out guaranteed.

Don’t forget to check out our Mass Effect Andromeda hands-on preview to give you an idea of just which direction the franchise is going next.

Mass Effect Andromeda will jet out to the PS4, Xbox One and PC this March 21.