Borderlands 3 Information Teased via Battleborn DLC

March 4, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Battleborn players have been busy decoding messages contained within its DLC operations that give us an idea of what Borderlands 3 will be about. The messages came via side objectives where portals spawn for a few seconds, emitting strange signals before disappearing. Put together, here’s what they say:

Visit Prometea [Promethea]. Children of the Vault. We Are Not on Pandora Anymore. Tannis Is Not What She Seems. Do Not Open the Vaults.

Fans believe that the note above may have been sent by Eridians to warn players about Patricia Tannis, who is an expert on Eridians and the Vault. She played a key role in the first Borderlands title.

Gearbox Software’s creative director, Randy Varnell, praised forum user whatsmynameagain who helped put all the messages together, which actually required reversing audio in some cases.

While Borderlands 3 has yet to be officially unveiled, Gearbox recently gave us an idea of what the game may look like during a GDC 2017 keynote.

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