No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update This Week Adds a New Vehicle

March 7, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

No Mans Sky Refund

Titled the Path Finder Update, a new No Man’s Sky content update is releasing this week on PlayStation 4 and PC, Hello Games has announced. It will introduce a new vehicle that “will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future.”

Hello Games says to expect more detailed patch notes once the update officially goes live.

According to studio founder Sean Murray, the Foundation Update for No Man’s Sky was downloaded by a million players. In the announcement post today, Hello Games said, “We were surprised and excited by the response to Foundation, and we have been listening carefully to community feedback since then.”

They then teased that the Path Finder Update “is the next step in our journey. It shows the path forward. We hope you’ll join us.”

Will you be downloading the Path Finder Update this week?

[Source: No Man’s Sky]