Blizzard Teasing Something “Around the Corner” for Overwatch, Testing Hefty Ana Nerf

March 7, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Blizzard has asked fans to look out for “a little something” that’s “just around the corner” for Overwatch. Lead Writer Michael Chu said this in response to fans who are concerned about the recent lack of an animated short especially in case of Orisa, leading some to think that the developer might not continue the story. In response, Chu wrote:

We have a lot in the works, with Orisa and her story being the first release of the year. One of our goals for 2017 is to try to have more frequent story-related updates and content, so we’re very busy with that.

And a little something else is coming just around the corner, so look out for it!

Elsewhere, Blizzard is testing some changes within its Public Test Region, the most notable one of which is a significant nerf for Ana.

Biotic Rifle

Damage decreased from 80 to 60

Biotic Grenade

Impact damage reduced from 60 to 30

Impact healing reduced from 100 to 50

Last but not least, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that Overwatch‘s new hero, Orisa, won’t be going live until later this month at least. “We’re getting great feedback and fixing a lot of issues,” he explained. “I know this feels a little longer than other PTR periods, but we think it will be for the better.”

We’ll update our readers when Orisa is set to leave PTR.

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