Destiny Age of Triumph Livestream Happening on Wednesday

March 13, 2017Written by Alex Co

Destiny fans, the game’s time in the spotlight is almost up, and Bungie is marking that occasion with Destiny’s Age of Triumph live event; the last live update Destiny 1 era content that’s set to launch later this month.

To whet gamers’ appetites, Bungie is hosting a livestream for Age of Triumph this coming March 15, Wednesday, at 10 a.m. PT. It will feature Bungie Senior Designers, Tim Williams and Joe Sifferman, and is called “Rituals and Strikes.” I’ll leave it up to you to guess what will be shown during the livecast.

You can watch the Destiny Age of Triumph livestream on Bungie’s Twitch channel, or the livestream tune-in video here.

While this is a big step in (kind of) closing Destiny’s first big chapter, Bungie has said that they’ll continue to post Destiny “for the foreseeable future.” Of course, once Destiny 2 is announced, expect the majority of Bungie’s developers — and Destiny players — to migrate to the next big thing.