Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Over 1200 Unique Characters, Companion Video Released

March 13, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


There are only a few weeks left until the release of Mass Effect Andromeda (Check out the launch trailer here) and it’s looking like the latest entry into the Mass Effect franchise will feature almost twice as many characters as Mass Effect 3.

During a livestream at PAX East, the game’s creative director, Mac Walters, revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature more than 1,200 unique or speaking characters. For comparison, he also mentioned that Mass Effect 3, the previous title in the franchise, had 670 unique characters.

The lines of dialogue we have in Andromeda is like Mass Effect 2 and 3 combined. So the number of characters is vaster, but the amount of stuff you and that character can talk about is also larger—especially the squad, we definitely focused in on the squad.

One of the characters that will star in Mass Effect Andromeda is Jaal who is a member of the Angara race, a new alien species that will be introduced in the new title. IGN published a video where BioWare writer Cathleen Rootsaert introduces Jaal and the Angara race.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to come out on the PlayStation 4 on March 21, but EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to start playing on March 16. Expect our review to hit the site before launch.

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