Orisa Comes to Overwatch on March 21, New Video Goes Behind-the-Scenes

March 14, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

In a new behind-the-scenes video released today, Blizzard reveals that Orisa will be available in Overwatch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday, March 21.

Here’s what to expect from Orisa:

Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.


  • Fusion Driver – Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it.
  • Fortify – Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and cannot be affected by action-impairing effects.
  • Halt! – Orisa launches a graviton charge which she can detonate, slowing nearby enemies and pulling them towards the explosion.
  • Protective Barrier – Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.
  • Supercharger – Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Winston is the least picked hero:

I am looking forward to seeing how the barrier changes play out from the PTR once they go live. We’ve seen that Winston in the hands of the right player – like Miro for example – can be amazing.

I think going too overboard with Winston buffs on the eve of Orisa’s release is not wise. So we need to proceed with caution here. We don’t want barriers or tanks getting out of hand.

Winston is the least picked hero in the game in case you were wondering.

Asked if, during development, they ever thought Overwatch would win Game of the Year, Kaplan said:

We make games to make players happy… not to win awards. With that said, I was extremely happy for my team that they were recognized. They were so loyal and dedicated… and they worked so hard. It made me feel really good that they received some recognition for their efforts.

Kaplan also said they’re “working on” the ability to gift loot boxes to friends.

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