The Paladins PS4 Closed Beta Starts Today

March 14, 2017Written by Martin Patiño

Paladins: Champions of the Realm, a team-based shooter from Smite creator Hi-Rez Studio, has finally started its closed beta on the PlayStation 4 today. While the game has been around since 2015 on PC, it was officially announced for the PlayStation 4 in September of last year.

Those who want to get into the game’s closed beta can do so in a number of ways. One is to purchase the Paladins Founder’s Pack, which is currently on sale on the PlayStation Store for $15 until March 28. Another is to sign up for a beta code on the game’s website in the hopes of getting one. And yet another is to join our closed beta key giveaway here.

Those who choose to get the Founder’s Pack will not only get closed beta access, they will also receive a slew of bonuses including access to every champion the game will ever release, a beta-exclusive skin collection and mount, 10 Radiant Chests (which contain Cards, Skins, etc.), 72,000 Essence for crafting cards, and a Paladins-themed skin for Ares in Smite for PS4.

While there isn’t a release date yet for the game, Paladins will be free-to-play once it comes out of Beta.

[Source: PlayStation Blog (US)]