Destiny Designers Detail Age of Triumph Weekly Activities

March 15, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


Destiny’s final update, Age of Triumph, is a little less than two weeks away from release and senior designers Tim Williams and Joe Sifferman as well as community manager David “Deej” Dague went on the Bungie livestream to talk about the game’s weekly activities will change with the update.

First off, the new update will introduce Treasure of Ages chests where players will be able to get armor, weapons, and other limited items from throughout the game’s life, including limited armor sets and seasonal items. Players will also be able to break down the items they receive from Treasure of Ages chests and use the silver dust collected to purchase the specific items they want from the chests through the silver dust story, which will be greatly expanded with the update.

Treasure of Ages chests can be collected via a number of ways including through Tess Everis at the Eververse Trading Company store. Players can also collect Treasure of Ages chests from the weekly activities that Age of Triump will introduce including a new 12-step quest from The Speaker, a new weekly story playlist, through the regular Siva Crisis Heroic playlist, and the new Crucible option, among others.

The new 12-step quest with its weekly story playlist, which replaces the daily story quest, will bring players through all the types of activities Destiny has available including several story missions from each of the game’s expansions. Other new weekly activities also include the addition of The Challenge of Elders activity, a modified Lord Shaxx activity, and a new Daybreak modifier for the Nightfall strike which is similar to the Mayhem Crucible mode.

The rewards for the weekly activities were also detailed:

  • Weekly Story Playlist – 1 Treasure of Ages per week, 20 Legendary Marks five times per week
  • Challenger of Elders – 10 Legendary Marks three times per week, 1 Legendary Engram per week
  • Siva Crisis Heroic Playlist – 1 Treasure of Ages per week, 10 Legendary Marks three times per week
  • New Crucible Option – 1 Treasure of Ages per week, 10 Legendary Marks three times per week

Destiny Age of Triumph will be available on March 28 and is the game’s final update before Bungie releases Destiny 2 later this year.

[Source: Bungie (Twitch) via Game Informer]