Capcom Explains Why the Not a Hero DLC’s Lead Looks Different in Resident Evil 7

March 16, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


[Potential Resident Evil 7 Spoilers Ahead]

In the free Not a Hero DLC releasing this spring for Resident Evil 7, you’ll be playing as Chris Redfield, who sports a different look than in previous games. On Capcom’s Japanese website (translated by Google Translate), the company explains that each character in RE7 is “made on the premise of photo-realistic depiction,” resulting in the change to Chris.

After saying that one of the ways they try to deceive your brain in Resident Evil 7 is with photo-real expression, Director Koushi Nakanishi added, “If you insert Chris into the design pre-supposing CG modeling so far, it will become a feeling that a different character of world view comes in quickly.”

When Capcom noted that Chris in Resident Evil 6 was a bit deformed, Nakanishi said, “That’s right. The head is different from the real person, and the way of making the data is totally different. So I searched for a model and started again from the photo scan, [Resident Evil 7] Chris was born.”

Following the release of Not a Hero this spring, Capcom will bring out an “Additional Story Episode” (price and details TBA).

[Source: Capcom via Eurogamer]