Latest No Man’s Sky Patch Fixes PS4 Pro 4K Frame-Rate Issues, Unlocks Frame-Rate

March 21, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


No Man’s Sky saw a bit of a revival when it released its huge Path Finder update earlier this month that fixed many of the game’s issues while adding more features and content for players to experience. And just a few days ago, the company released another, much smaller patch (Patch 1.23) which addresses some of the game’s performance issues on the Pro and standard versions of the PlayStation 4.

The new patch not only improves PS4 Pro performance in 4K mode (increasing frame rate by up to 5fps) but it also introduces the ability to lock or unlock the frame rate on both the standard PS4 and PS4 Pro. When locked, the frame rate on both consoles will stay at a steady 30fps regardless of console or output resolution.

The ability to lock or unlock the game’s frame rate (which has been automatically been turned on for the standard PS4 and turned off for the PS4 Pro) will allow users to choose whether they want a steady but relatively slower frame rate or try to push the performance of their consoles in exchange for stability.

[Source: No Man’s Sky via Eurogamer]