Dontnod’s Vampyr Will Have Players Questioning Who to Kill and Who to Spare

March 25, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment’s next project, Vampyr, captured our interest the moment it was revealed. In it, players assume the role of vampire/doctor Jonathan E. Reid whose powers and lust for blood compel him to kill. However, players have several choices. They can kill indiscriminately, pick and choose who to kill, or finish the story without taking a single life. The decisions you make will have consequences but there’s no wrong or right way to play and the developers certainly don’t want to influence your moral choices. At least that’s what Dontnod explains to Polygon in a new interview, in which game director Philippe Moreau said:

One interesting question we want the player to ask themselves is, ‘Who am I going to kill and who am I going to spare?’ We have created a wide variety of citizen archetypes, very different archetypes, so you can really decide to play the game like Dexter, as he would do in the TV show. Or you can decide to do it the other way, be like Jack the Ripper and take lives and just feed and be in full possession of your supernatural skills. 

You can navigate between these two extreme paths. There is no good or bad decision. We don’t want to influence you on your moral choices. It’s really up to you how you want to experience the game.

Dontnod insists that Reid has a rational mind despite his struggles and background. He will make use of his training as a soldier and doctor at a time (London, 1918) when a lot of “scientific progress and discoveries” were made. “It was really, I would say, the first time that science could challenge religion and mysticism in a sense that science could provide answers that religion would never have been able to,” explained Moreau.

What motivates you to take a life or spare it you’ll find out when the game launches in Q4 this year.

[Source: Polygon]