Watch Dogs 2 Gets the No Compromise DLC & Free Showd0wn Multiplayer Mode in April

March 28, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


No Compromise, the third DLC pack included in the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass, is releasing on April 18 for PlayStation 4 and on May 18 for Xbox One and PC, Ubisoft announced today. It includes a multi-mission storyline called Moscow Gambit, six new single-player time trials, two new non-lethal weapons (Air Shotgun and Taser Sniper Rifle), and new ability-granting outfits and vehicles.

No Compromise was originally supposed to have a multiplayer mode called Showd0wn, but Ubisoft is now releasing it to all players on April 17 as part of a free update. The update will also include randomly appearing loot truck events where you have to hack an armored car, 13 new clothing items, a quick-swap feature for weapons, and the paintball rifle weapon, and it will give drone, motocross, and eKart races multiplayer functionality.

Here’s what to expect from Showdown:

Pitting two pairs of players against each other, Showd0wn is an endgame challenge for experienced players. Its competitive matches come in three flavors: Steal the HDD; Doomload, a King of the Hill-style match; and Erase/Protect the Servers, a Watch Dogs twist on classic domination matches. Spread out across 15 distinct locations, these modes will flow seamlessly from one to the next, pushing you to bust out every skill you’ve learned over the course of the game with dynamic hacking, shooting, driving, and puzzle-solving challenges.

More free content is coming to Watch Dogs 2 in May and June in the form of seamless PvP support for the armored truck events, a new seamless PvE event, major improvements to the leaderboards interface, minor gameplay improvements to Bounty Hunter mode, support for a four-player party to explore the city and play activities together, and continuous improvements and fixes.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, Watch Dogs 2 is on sale for $35.99 USD this week in North America.

[Source: Ubi Blog]