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Prepare To Dine: Bandai Namco Teases New Game Announcement for April 20

April 13, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Using the hashtag #PrepareToDine, Bandai Namco has teased that they’ll be announcing an upcoming titleĀ on Thursday, April 20.

No details were given about the game, but Bandai Namco did bring out the above trailer, which is an “original animation inspired by an upcoming Bandai Namco Entertainment project.” On Bandai Namco’s website, the Prepare to Dine page only includes the teaser and a link to sign up for their mailing list.


Given that they’re using the Prepare To Dine tagline, which is similar to the Prepare to Die tagline for the first Dark Souls, do you think Bandai Namco is teasing somethingĀ Souls-related?