Friday the 13th Dev Permanently Banning Players for Abuse of Exploits Among Other Offenses

July 1, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Gun Media and Illfonic have said that they’ll be permanently banning players who violate rules pertaining to some “major areas of concern” in Friday the 13th: The Game. The list of offenses that the developer posted on Reddit includes abuse of exploits, racism, threats of violence, and more.

  1. Deliberate Third-Party Hacking Software – Anyone caught with automation/speed/wall hacking and other third party macro systems to give them an edge in-game will result in a ban
  2. Threats of Violence/Rape/Sexual Assault – Those using Voice Chat to threaten and harass other users with threats of sexual violence, rape and domestic violence to a degree unsuitable for social standards will result in a ban.
  3. Racism/Discrimination – Those caught being racist or discriminatory to others will result in a ban.
  4. Deliberately Helping Jason – This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP.
  5. Deliberate Abuse of Exploits – Exploit usage that results in the deliberate griefing of others to gain an advantage and overall reduce enjoyment for other players will result in a ban.
  6. Do Not Pretend to be an Employee of Gun Media or IllFonic – Anyone utilizing usernames that attempt to act as a member of our team or speaks in-game as an employee of our team will result in a ban.

This has understandably concerned some players, prompting Illfonic to clarify that it will require “100% verifiable evidence” of these actions occurring with supporting videos and screenshots that clearly display the offenders’ usernames. Private games are exempt from this. We’re also told that swearing isn’t an offense, however, those who harass other players will certainly be banned.

Over on Twitter, Illfonic reported that around 300 accounts have been banned thus far. “To put things into perspective, we’ve had around 1,200 reports since this post went live,” the studio said in a Reddit update. “Of them, 7 total bans have been placed on racism/helping Jason. The rest are overwhelmingly due to glitch abuse.”

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