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Sony’s Japan Studio Looking Into Developing “Several New Titles”

July 3, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Sony Worldwide Studios’ Senior VP, Allan Becker, has said that the company’s Japan Studio is thinking about developing “several new titles” now that Gravity Rush 2 and The Last Guardian are out of the way. During an interview with IGN, he said:

Without having to state too much more, with Gravity Rush 2 finishing up and The Last Guardian finishing up, we reached this big milestone within Japan Studio, and so finally we feel like we’re free to do new things. We’re going to finish up Knack 2 as well, so, as for the internal team, they’re much more freed up, so we are thinking about starting up several new titles.

Becker says Japan Studio’s games aren’t always commercially successful but they’re distinct passion projects, which is something the team wants to continue doing.

We can’t crank out a Call of Duty or a Battlefield or a first-person shooter and make it sell. Number one, that’s not where our expertise is and we probably couldn’t do it if we tried. And so our angle really needs to be a different one and that’s really…trying to give people emotion. We need to hit that universal component or feature in all humans.

Japan Studio certainly has something up its sleeve but wants to keep it under wraps for now. Whatever it is, we’ll share with our readers when we find out.

[Source: IGN]