Here’s the Full List of Gundam Versus Trophies

July 4, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


Gundam Versus is still a few months away from its September release in the west but the game is coming out in Japan in just a couple of days, so the folks at Exophase have published the list of Trophies that players will be able to collect in the game, whether they decided to wait for September or import the Japanese release.

There are a total of 34 Trophies that can be acquired in the game. Interestingly enough, the emblems for the Trophies feature some of the most iconic mobile suits in the Gundam franchise.

Here are the Trophies for Gundam Versus:


  • The Light Within the Human Heart – All Trophies Acquired


  • Dreadful Memories – Cleared 10 Trial Battle routes
  • Riders in the Skies – Defeated 50 waves in Ultimate Battle
  • Warrior, Once More… – Reached Player Level 300
  • The Final Victor – Fought 1000 online versus battles


  • Shocking Dark History – Achieved SSS rank in 10 Trial Battle routes
  • The Ascension of the Angels – Cleared Normal Survival in Ultimate Battle
  • Through The Haze Of Darkness – Reached Player Level 50
  • Rising from the Ground – Reached Player Level 100
  • Blazing in the Heavens – Reached Mobile Suit Level 20 (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Endless Poem – Acquired 50 Strikers (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Golden Autumn – Acquired 30 Emblems (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Fly, Gundam! – Acquired 50 Titles (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Space Kaleidoscope – Fought 500 online versus battles
  • The Heroine of the Battlefield – Unlock 5 navigators


  • Ghost Subordinates – Cleared 1 Trial Battle route
  • Front Line – Cleared 5 Trial Battle routes
  • The Changing World – Achieved SSS rank in 5 Trial Battle routes
  • Iron And Blood – Cleared Easy Survival in Ultimate Battle
  • A Storm Raging Through – Defeated 10 waves in Ultimate Battle
  • To a Future that Never Ends – Defeated 25 waves in Ultimate Battle
  • I’m on the Stage – Reached Player Level 10
  • Day of the Unicorn – Reached Mobile Suit Level 5 (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • The Opening Door – Reached Mobile Suit Level 10 (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • The Mysterious Mobile Suit – Acquired 10 Strikers (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Not Yet Home – Acquired 30 Strikers (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Space Pirate – Acquired 10 Emblems (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Afterimages With Mass – Acquired 20 Emblems (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • The White Mobile Suit – Acquired 10 Titles (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • The Day Solomon Fell – Acquired 30 Titles (not including DLC Mobile Suits)
  • Destined To Keep Fighting – Fought 10 online versus battles
  • Hunter of Angels – Fought 100 online versus battles
  • War for Two – Unlock 1 navigator
  • Little Sister! – Unlock 3 navigators

Gundam Versus is scheduled for release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on July 6, 2017, and in the west on September 29, 2017.

[Source: Exophase]