Agents of Mayhem Trailer Shows Off the Cabbit Bomb

July 5, 2017Written by Alex Co

In a press release, Volition has shot out a new Agents of Mayhem trailer and this one shows us some of the outrageous weapons making their way into the game. Don’t expect your vanilla Carbines or submachine guns here; as there’s the Gutterball Gun, the Cabbit Bomb and more.

Agents of Mayhem’s vision of a futuristic Seoul is ruled by LEGION, but it can be taken back with the help of agents at MAYHEM’s base known as the ARK. Machining expert and resident engineer Gremlin runs the ARK’s R&D lab. Terminally positive, Gremlin engages her mischievous curiosity for all machines to create some of MAYHEM’s deadliest weapons, including the Gutterball Gun, which strikes down everything in its path with a barrage of giant electrified balls, and the Cabbit Bomb, which turns enemies into explosive Cabbits. Gremlin’s crazy weapons can be found hidden in caches around the city, and while her devices aren’t always the safest or well tested, they’re guaranteed to make a splash.

As agents battle Dr. Babylon and defeat his Lieutenants, LEGION’s hold on Seoul will weaken. Agents can locate and eliminate LEGION Patrols, destroy their supply trucks, rescue scientists taken hostage, or attack and capture one of LEGION’s major outposts and use the intel gained to pinpoint all of LEGION’s other nearby activities. Dr. Babylon won’t allow MAYHEM to carry on unchecked though; he’ll send troops to respond to attacks via Mole Machines, fortify his outposts with sniper nests, barricades, and mines, or counterattack in true evil style by dispatching one of his minions equipped with a Doomsday Weapon!

Agents of Mayhem is set to cause chaos and destruction this August 15 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check out our Agents of Mayhem preview to know more about the open-world game.