Destiny 2: Here’s a Gameplay Tour of the New Crucible Map, Endless Vale

July 10, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Ahead of the Destiny 2 Beta starting next week, IGN has uploaded a video narrated by Environment Artist Coolie Calihan that takes you through Endless Vale, a new Crucible PVP map on Nessus. As Calihan confirms, Endless Vale will be included in the Beta.

If you’d prefer to see some gameplay on Endless Vale, check out these videos featuring four minutes of Void Warlock footage and five minutes of Sentinel Titan footage, both in Control:

Finally, Crucible Design Lead Lars Bakken goes over how Control has changed in Destiny 2, including the fact that A and C are pre-captured for your team:

A disclaimer notes that “Power Ammo appeared immediately in this footage [on Endless Vale]. That is not indicative of how it will spawn in the final product.”

Earlier today, Sony announced that a Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle will launch alongside Destiny 2 on September 6.

The Destiny 2 Beta begins on July 18 on PS4, and will open up to the public on July 21.

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