Jubei Will Finally Be Playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction

July 16, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Jubei DLC

The Six-Heroes’ most powerful swordsman will finally be playable in BlazBlue. Arc System Works announced today that fan-favorite character Jubei, who has always been a central figure in the story of their beloved fighting game series, would finally be playable in BlazBlue Central Fiction. He’ll arrive soon, as he’ll be available as a downloadable character later this Summer.

Check out the debut Jubei gameplay trailer below:

In case you missed it, this wasn’t the only big news that Arc System Works had at EVO 2017, as they also announced BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. This new title in the BlazBlue series will be a crossover two-on-two fighter featuring characters from the PersonaRWBY, and Under Night In-Birth series. It’s set to release in 2018, and we’ve got even more information (and a trailer) on its news post.

Central Fiction was released last year on PlayStation 4, and completed BlazBlue‘s sprawling narrative. We had this to say in our review:

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a strong note for the series to go out on, if it really does end here. It’s the ultimate package due to the fighting systems being more interesting than ever, and there being over 30 characters to play as. There are a few disappointments such as the lack of English voice acting, but that’s not enough to mar what is otherwise a great game. All fighting game fans should give Arc System Works’ latest a go.

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(Source: Arc System Works)