PSA: Destiny 2’s Social Space Opens for an Hour Today Starting 10AM PT / 1PM ET

July 23, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


If you’re participating in the Destiny 2 beta test, then don’t forget to log in around 10AM PT/1PM ET today to check out the game’s social space. Called The Farm, it’ll be open for an hour only so you’ll have limited time to enjoy the scenery and partake in the social matchmaking test activity.

No vendors will be available, however. As Bungie puts it, they’re taking the day off.

Earlier this month, Narrative Lead Ryan Ebenger took us on a tour of The Farm as part of IGN First, and here’s how he described it:

This is where you’ll land after you’ve been kicked out of the city by the Cabal. Humanity is in exile here. It’ll be you and a bunch of refugee civilians, Guardians, and vendors that’ll help you on your way. And the space will evolve as you go through the Destiny 2 experience; you’ll see characters come and go, the population will grow… so it’s a very dynamic space as well.

You can also watch a video here.

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