Destiny 2 Beta Update 1.04 Now Out, New Video Details Nessus & World Quests

July 24, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

Bungie has released Destiny 2 Beta update 1.04 on PlayStation 4, which will allow them to “better investigate important connection issues.” The previous update, 1.03, released on Friday and addressed stability issues caused by the Russian Localization.

Originally expected to end yesterday, Bungie announced recently that the Beta has been extended until Tuesday, July 25 at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Unfortunately, the file has been removed from the PlayStation Store, so new players can’t access it.

In the above video from IGN, Bungie Programming Lead Rob Engeln takes you through the Destiny 2 world, Nessus. Throughout the video, you’ll learn about the new public events (:40), Adventures (1:40), Lost Sectors (2:30), World Quests (4:12), and more.

Discussing public events, Engeln said, “Every public event has an optional bonus objective and if you trigger it, then you get an extra hard version of the event with way more enemies coming in and sometimes optional bonus objectives or new bosses that you have to kill. And if you are able to complete that you get bonus rewards for it.”

As for World Quests, he said, “If Adventures represent really small bite-sized stories, World Quests are our way of telling much larger, more interesting, and multi-part stories about a destination.” World Quests open up after you finish the campaign, giving you a chance to revisit the destination, have some additional story content, and get “really good rewards.”

Asked if all landing points are unlocked when you go to a planet, Engeln said, “No. When you first go to a planet you’re not going to see very much. We really want the sense of exploration of starting in an area and looking at all the things that are there and then moving to the next area and slowly uncovering the entire destination. As you complete Adventures or story missions or other content you’ll start unlocking landing zones.”

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