Fortnite Has Already Sold Over 500,000 Copies

July 26, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Fortnite e3 2017 (16)

Some gamers were upset about Fortnite‘s Early Access pricing scheme (it’s $39.99 to get in now, or players can wait until next year when it’ll become free-to-play), but that clearly hasn’t impacted sales. Epic Games’ Creative Director Darren Sugg went to Twitter today to thank fans for their support. “Absolutely humbled by the response to this week’s [Fortnite] launch,” wrote Sugg. “500k+ digital pre-order sales and just getting started! Thank YOU.”

What’s even more impressive is that isn’t all the sales that the third-person shooter has racked up. More information came from PCGamesN, as they reached out to a representative from Epic Games. “This number is for full sales that happened before yesterday,” clarified the studio. “So [it] doesn’t actually reflect the full number of sales… or take into account retail!”

PlayStation LifeStyle has been playing the Early Access version of the game, and our impressions recently went up on the site. Here are some snippets from our full preview:

It took me some time to really appreciate the building aspect of Fortnite, [but] the way Epic has the player constantly working towards a goal immediately won me over. I always felt that each match was meaningful because once it was over I had either completed a story mission, leveled up my character, or unlocked a couple piñatas to break open for a bunch of new goodies. Never did a match end where I felt unsatisfied, and this is one of the finest examples of a game using a carrot on a stick to tempt the player into playing more. It also helps that there’s a ton to unlock in the game, as there are several layers of skill trees to go through, character classes to experiment, and the player can even send survivors off to fetch more building materials for them. Every idea here has been iterated upon, and it really shows.

While there are a few rough edges that make it clear why Fortnite isn’t officially releasing until next year, I’ve had a really great time with the inventive shooter so far. I’m rarely someone that gets into a loot grind, but Epic does such a great job at constantly broadening the game experience that I’m always excited to unlock something new in-between missions. I’m not sure that I can fully recommend dropping nearly $40 just to play the game early (and get a bevy of bonus unlocks), but it won’t be a wasted purchase as long as enough friends are down to play it together.

Fortnite is available now in Early Access, and will be officially released next year.

[Source: PCGamesN]