Brawlhalla Founder’s Pack Launches Next Week, Includes All Characters

Tyler Treese

Blue Mammoth Games’ platform-fighter Brawlhalla has been in beta on PlayStation 4 for a while now, but August 1 will mark the launch of the game’s Founder’s Pack. Those that purchase the pack for $19.99 will get access to all 32 of the game’s fighters (and any that are added in the future), plus a bunch of bonus rewards. They’ll also get access to the game’s beta, which is “entering it’s final phase” before the game releases.

Here’s how the studio described the deal over at the PlayStation Blog:

Brawlhalla Founders get all Legends forever! This means all thirty-two current fighters, plus all the fighters we release in the future are automatically unlocked for you. Founders also get exclusive rewards: the sleek new Personal Sentry IV sidekick, the Founder’s avatar, and the Founder’s nameplate. Together these items forever identify you as an honored Brawlhalla Founder. On top of everything else, Founders get instant access to the Brawlhalla beta.

Check out the trailer for the game’s Founder’s Pack below:

That wasn’t the only announcement, though, as PC/PS4 cross-play was also revealed. “As our number of Legends grows, so does the size of Brawlhalla’s player community,” said Blue Mammoth Games co-founder Matt Woomer. “With cross-play, millions of PlayStation and PC players will be able to challenge their friends no matter which platform they fight on.”

I got to go hands-on with the game at PSX last year, and was impressed with how well the game matches up with other games in the genre:

I had a thoroughly good time playing a few matches of Brawlhalla and am eager to play more of once it releases in 2017. While I’m not sure if it tops Super Smash Bros. (the lack of recognizable characters does hurt its appeal), the good news is that it really doesn’t have to. The PS4 doesn’t have many options in the genre, and the game can fill that niche while also having zero barriers to entry due to being available for free. It’s definitely a title that I’ll be telling my buddies to download, and it should help make my online PS4 gaming sessions even more enjoyable.

Brawlhalla is currently in beta for PlayStation 4 and PC. Its Founders Pack will become available on August 1.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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