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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Listed on German Retailer

July 28, 2017Written by Tyler Treese


It looks like we won’t just be talking about The King of Fighters history today. German retailer CoolShop has a listing up saying that there’s a Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection in the works for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Such a compilation would make a lot of sense as this is the fighting game’s 30-year anniversary (the original Street Fighter came out in 1987), and Capcom has quite the history of re-releasing their back catalog of games.

In fact, Capcom previously released a game under that exact name for the PlayStation 2. That’s actually where the listing gets interesting as it seems that CoolShop used the 15-year-old PS2 game’s description for the new listing. Here’s what they have on the website:

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection commemorates the 15th anniversary of Capcom’s series of fighting games. The compilation includes Hyper Street Fighter II, which combines previous Street Fighter II features and character variations from previous Street Fighter II editions, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Hyper Street Fighter II lets you mix and match characters from the different versions for a variety of matchups. Street Fighter III: Third Strike offers a total of 19 different playable characters, a Grade Judge System, and a Progressive Hit Frame System.

The description is obviously an old one due to the anniversary year being off, but there are reasons to believe this listing is the real deal. Twitter user @Shinkendo says that the listing is real, and that “there will be more games.” Don’t expect any more details from him until Capcom officially announces the compilation, as he ends with his tweet by saying “I’ve said too much already.”

This could potentially put all of the main Street Fighter games on PlayStation 4 as Street Fighter V and Ultra Street Fighter IV are both available on the system.

(Source: NeoGAF via Gematsu)